Our people​

The power of a company resides in its people.​

We promote among our collaborators a culture of constant professional & personal development. Taking their views and ideas into account to make our company a place where everyone feels comfortable, happy and above all inspired to want to create the best cone in the world.​

Our Philosophy​

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We believe in the welfare of the people as a fundamental basis to the attainment of development.

So we are committed  providing the technical tools, leadership and direction to create an adequate work environment, we consider the needs of our employees to fit their personal schedule with our operation hours, we receive happier employees & greater daily efficiency.


Evaluate & Improve on a daily basis our Innovation process, the quality of our products and strengthen our team work spirit in order to create unrivaled products.​


To provide Latin America the most flavorful, crunchy delicious cone of the world.​

Our Values

I respect the ideas and beliefs that are different from mine. 
I understand physical and emotional integrity of the people around me are important to have a positive work environment.​


Questioning ourselves to understand the meaning of what we do, as well as the impact it has on us and  society is our way of creating an environment where inspiration naturally grows.​


I know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
And I know that doing the right thing, even if it takes longer,
is the true path to success.​


We expect an individual commitment and  superior performance than the  industry’s  standard, without distractions, focusing our energies on collectively achieving well-structured objectives.​


I accept, value and respect myself above all, to be able to do the same towards others, seeking to generate happiness and common well-being in my company.​


Daring to do different things is what makes us different.
Accepting the inherent risk of being pioneers, we give continuity to our developments until we turn them into leading products.​


I take into account the needs of others and I offer my support to my peers, promoting unity and team spirit to contribute to the well-being of my community.​


We care for what we do and for the people who consume it.
We take great care in the levels of quality, performance and taste to gain the respect and loyalty of our customers.​


I act in accordance with the values ​​I enact. I am true to my ideals and I strive to maintain an image of honor and seriousness, to trust myself without allowing anything to stop me from achieving my goals.​


We are proudly a social responsible company committed to do something everyday to make this world a better place, we see it reflected in the smile of each person who tries one of our products.​