Product Lines

It’s great traditional flavor, practical size, consistency and texture suitable for any type of ice cream, make it a classic, impossible to miss in ice cream shops and restaurants.​

Due to its double engraving, it offers a better texture to which the ice cream adheres better.
Its unique crunchier consistency, makes dessert a great sensory experience for the palate.​

Its organic appearance, textures and irregular shape makes it the perfect accompaniment to a gourmet ice cream. And its amplitude generates an excellent space for cover and toppings.​

Its unique texture, soft but crunchy, as well as its lightness and practical size, make it the ideal combination for any hard or creamy ice cream.​

Ideal to share a delicious ice cream or dessert. Its plate shape allows the imagination to fly & create Impressive original and delicious dishes.​

Meet our line of cookies of extraordinary flavor and quality. Ideal for the creation of cold desserts or to use as a complement or topping.​

A great dessert deserves a great package. 
We offer a wide range of sizes and materials for jacket printing.​